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5 March 2015

IMF Assessments on Georgian Economy, Hit by ‘Severe External Shocks’

IMF hailed for refraining from intervening in the foreign exchange market.

20 May 2015

EU’s Tusk on Chances of Visa-Free Travel for Georgia and Ukraine

EU visa-free travel for these countries "quote possible” in 2016, depends on their efforts, he said.

22 May 2015

Georgia in Riga Summit Conclusions

"I’m very optimistic about liberalizing visa regimes for Ukraine and Georgia,” Juncker said.

19 January 2016

Where is Poland Headed?

The European Commission has announced its intention to study the compatibility of the new Polish laws on media and the Constitutional Tribunal with the rule of law.

23 October 2017

Caliphate falls, but Syria still in predicament

The fall of Raqqa is a landmark event. But in Syria, the solution is not yet in sight.

16 June 2016

The Republicans: In or out?

The Republicans are a small party with a big role. Their coalition experience with the Georgian Dream has been controversial. Their electoral future is uncertain. But their experience tells a story.

10 June 2016

Germany Undercuts Georgia's European Optimism

German leadership should be cherishing the hopes of reformers, not dashing them.

14 November 2016

Trump and the crisis of liberalism

Liberals on the left and right find it hard to govern modern societies.

9 May 2016

Russia leverages South Ossetia - again

By endorsing South Ossetia referendum, Moscow keeps Georgians – and their friends – nervous, guessing, and susceptible to pressure.

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