3 December 2016

Can EU improve its Abkhazia policy?

Author: Thomas Frear / Source:
Photo: Monica Ellena for Civil.ge
Russian recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, represented a significant failure of western policy towards the post Soviet de facto states. It is imperative that this failure is understood. Limited western involvement in these entities has left institutions such as the European Union apparently impotent in the face of their on-going economic integration with the Russian Federation.
The Policy Brief offers a review of the EU policies towards Abkhazia and offers recommendations for improvement of the EU approach.
The research has been carried out Thomas Frear for The Clarion, with the financial support of the Black Sea Trust of the German Marshall Fund. It partially draws on the author’s previous work for the Caucasus Survey and the European Leadership Network (ELN).  

Clarion Brief Frear Abkhazia and EU by The Clarion on Scribd

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