21 November 2016

How does Europe know?

Author: Diana Potjomkina, LIIA, RSU / Source:
The Eastern Partnership, an initiative launched in 2009, is a logical continuation of earlier EU’s attempts to promote democracy and liberal economy in its neighbourhood. While generally beneficial, this orthodox thinking has been a long-standing issue from the standpoint of EU’s capacities; while expecting unidirectional adjustment to EU norms from its partners, the EU’s own expertise on the region has arguably remained underdeveloped.
The research conducted by Diana Potjomkina of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs and Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU) for The Clarion in frames of the project supported by the Black Sea Trust of the German Marshall Fund aims to unpack the notion of knowledge, the ways it is generated in the European Union and the way it is used for informing the Eastern Partnership policy. Specific attention is paid to initiatives engaging civil society actors - civil society organizations, think-tanks and academia.
In conclusion the Policy Brief offers recommendations for improvement of the EU approaches.

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