Opening Speech, Constituent Assembly, Tbilisi 1919
Making Do With the Crew
Name the Culprit!
Georgia's elections - what's next?
Yes, he may...
Countering Disinformation - Czech experience
Dominik K. Cagara
As South Ossetia readies to elect its leader, ex-president Eduard Kokoity’s failed bid to run resonates. But the fate of the elections seems sealed both in Moscow and by South Ossetian public....
Jaba Devdariani
The time is ripe for changing the locus of the Georgian and European policy on Abkhazia....
Natia Mestvirishvili/CRRC
Polling results are often misinterpreted or misused. Citizens and policymakers should know why and how. ...
David Batashvili / 12 December 2016
Thomas Frear / 3 December 2016
Diana Potjomkina, LIIA, RSU / 21 November 2016
Tornike Zurabashvili / 18 November 2016
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David Darchiashvili / 14 November 2016
David Batashvili / 17 October 2016
Amb. Natalie Sabanadze / 10 October 2016
Heidi Hautala, MEP / 7 October 2016
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Natia Mestvirishvili/CRRC / 16 January 2017
Régis Genté / 8 November 2016
Leonidas Donskis / 15 July 2016
Régis Genté / 16 June 2016
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Opening Speech, Constituent Assembly, Tbilisi 1919

Silibistro Jibladze, MP, Translation by The Clarion / 27 May 2016


Opening Speech, Constituent Assembly, Tbilisi 1919

Silibistro Jibladze, MP, Translation by The Clarion / 27 May 2016

Equality before the law

Ilia Chavchavadze / 4 February 2016

What is freedom?

Luka Razikashvili (Vazha Pshavela) / 19 January 2016

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Dr. Leonidas Donskis

It is with great sadness that we have learned about the sudden departure of our great friend Dr. Leonidas Donskis. He was a great mind and a committed thinker. May he rest in peace.

| 21 September 2016

Richard Giragosian

...puts Armenian politics into the regional and European context.

| 14 March 2016

Régis Genté

...reports from the new fault-lines of Europe.

| 14 March 2016

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Rally in support of Rustavi 2.

Photo: Guram Muradov /

Opposition and civil society leaders gather to support Rustavi 2, which they say suffers from undue government pressure. Rustavi 2 suspended broadcasting for two days. Company officials say ongoing property dispute is engineered to silence opposition speech. Civil society has been worried about recent merger of three channels under pro-government roof. more photo essays

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